On his debut release with Hypnotic Room, Wally Stryk gives you a feel for the chic places of Parisian nights.

Wally starts off with Quilmes Cristal, a very pleasant deep house tune, perfect for early night sets or relaxing moments in any lounge environment.

His second track, Lost Love explores the deep minimal territories with layers of groovy tech-house. The soft synth sounds create a relaxing tone for a muffled atmosphere and the sparkling aerial sounds add to the ambiance to make this into an emotional journey.

This release also features a brilliant remix from Takashi Watanabe who once again delivers his trademark style of melodic tech-house!




16 Comments to “Wally Stryk – Quilmes Cristal EP”

  1. Both the Originals do it for me!!

    Coonal (India)
  2. “silky atmosphere floating over a chilled out and funky house groove…the original mix of “quilmes cristal” is one of the best deep house tracks i’ve heard lately. i love it so much!” – 4.5/5

    Jim_Star (Canada)
  3. I like Quilmes Cristal original, love the low deep bass sound.

    Roell Sapphire (Netherlands)
  4. Love this! Will def play these, I am into both of the originals most! Will play over wknd!

    Kev Obrien (Proton Radio)
  5. Love the original. Deep, dark and twisted.

    Thee-O (USA)
  6. This Ep is grooving and has a great vibe.

    Dirty [M] (USA)
  7. Lost Love has a pretty catchy melody. I definitely enjoyed this song above the others. Original mix of Quilmes has some really strange chords that aren’t always working together.

    Darin Epsilon (USA)
  8. “Both originals are deep and melodic. Great release!” – 4/5

    Haroun Omar (USA)
  9. quilmes cristal (takashi watanabe remix) is my choice. quite an odd but infectious melody. good stuff

    dave carden (kiss fm ua)
  10. “Lost Love track is good” – 4/5

    Chris Drifter (Hungary)
  11. lost love is my fav. will play it. takashi watanabe remix is very jazzy groovy

    chloe harris
  12. Very nice indeed. Takashi’s remix is a gem.

    Ben Mill
  13. both originals are cool for warming up with, nice earlier sounds.

    Sasha Le Monnier (UK)
  14. i kinda like them all on this release :)

    commander tom (germany)
  15. Impressive set.

    s007ii - subRoutine (Canada)
  16. i like “lost love”

    Miss Nine (NL)