01. Maze (Original Mix)
02. Too Far Gone (Original Mix)
03. Asleep At The Wheel (Original Mix)



Maze is a funked up tech house number with its foundations based solidly around funky percussion and a nice house kick off set by a killer stab and worked EQ. The breakdown introduces us to an arpeggiated synth line reminiscent of the soul and sound of early Detroit that builds and builds ever so nicely.

The second track, Too Far Gone is on a slightly deeper tip. More bottom end presence and filtered out house keys see's to that and in true Takashi style, the breakdown, with its introduction of surging pad and percussive synth lines takes you higher and higher before dropping you back, deep into the groove.

Asleep at the wheel see's Takashi experimenting with rhythm and melody of various sounds in high registers. The relationship they pose with the filtered stabs and complimentary percussion works a treat and whilst containing that machine like funk we all know and love, it has that eerie presence...aptly named isn't it?



2 Comments to “Takashi Watanabe – Maze EP”

  1. Man, Takashi is just on fire – this is another superb trilogy from Kyushu’s finest DJ/producer, and tech-house that kicks you around a bit, in only superb fashion. More please.

  2. Mr Machine funk does it again!

    Bitch Shift