01. Space Machine (Original Mix)
02. Space Machine (Mauro AP Remix)
03. Space Machine (Nico Diorio Remix)



Space Machine is a track rich in depth, ambience and good atmosphere. It moves freely from lush synth pads to stark, spacious minimal hits and fluid synth melodies through masterful use of reverb, space and time. Beam us up Dich!

On the remix duties here are Mauro AP and Nico Diorio.

The Mauro AP remix really expands on the fullness of the original and toys with notions of time through its extra percussion and crafty use of delays. This is really futuristic music.

Nico Diorio brings the funk with his re-working and more of a focus on the bass and off beat hi hats, but still plenty of ambience to be had by all. Think Richie Hawtin circa NOW!!!



8 Comments to “Dich – Space Machine”

  1. Nico Diorio´s remix rules!

  2. The Diorio music is the best!! congratulations!!

    Dj Dany Demarco
  3. spacey house-trance… yes I could definately play this

    Michael MD (Spraci)
  4. Nico Diorio rmx

    miss nine (Holland)
  5. Nico Diorio Remix rocks!

    PPCANDY (aka Hideo Saito) (Japan)
  6. Deeeep space!!Excellent!!!

    SERi (Japan)
  7. i like Nico Diorio remix!nice track!!!i will play it.

    dj warp (Japan)
  8. my fav mix here is nico diorio remix, sounds a bit like alex kenji´s work – and he is by far my fav producer atm – positive vibes – the other 2 mixes are also great, but a bit too dark noises for me here…all in all – a strong release!!

    commander tom (Germany)