01. Sacred Space (Stevie Robinson Mix)
02. Sacred Space (Wally Stryk Remix)
03. House Beat (Stevie Robinson Mix)
04. Crowd Control (Stevie Robinson Mix)



On this debut release with Sydney's ever impressive Hypnotic Room, Stevie Robinson (3 Deep) gives us this "very smart" house release. First on this Stevie gives us his own mix of Sacred Space, a pure House track consisting of classic Deep Rhodes mixed with a lightly Progressive but Funky bassline, layering on this a cool Electronic sounding synth, building smoothly towards a crisp/clean Piano break. House at its finest.

Next up Frances Wally Stryk lays his touch on Sacred Space. A quality Deep House track but still keeping a great Minimal sound, excellent for early play in sets or just perfect for deep dj's. Very smooth but still sharp and exciting.

In the third track, Stevie once again delivers a great house track ...House Beat.Taking in along the way many inspirations, House Beat has everything a great track should have. Deep bassline covered by a deep building synth rising and falling over a catchy percussion hook. A fantastic Electro-tech break really sets this apart from other tracks aiming at the same deep style.

Finishing this EP, Crowd Control has a great deep groove to it, with its strong tribal beats, and smart use of reverb on individual percussion instruments, creating a quality deep drum loop. When it's infectious bassline kicks in, it lifts the track instantly to a more funk based Deep House, this one gets all the heads bobbing!

These are the Tracks that will make any set stand alone!



16 Comments to “3 Deep – Sacred Space EP”

  1. 5/5 :-)

  2. “Sick beats, killer track. This EP is massive” – 3.5/5

    Dirty [M] (USA)
  3. “Chilly Deep House Tune, good Summer Tune!!” – 3.5/5

    DJ Michael F (Germany)
  4. “nice and deep release! i love it! i love sacred space (stevie robinson mix) particularly!” – 4.5/5

    Jim_Star (Canada)
  5. “Fresh sounding unique release – will support :)” – 4.5/5

    Jon Sinclair / Slytek (Spain)
  6. “big house vibe” – 4/5

    Chloe Harris (USA)
  7. “excellent ep!!!!” – 5/5

    DJ Rodrigo Brito (Brazil)
  8. “Harmonic, smooth and vibrant. Will work the dancefloor like a charm.” – 3.5/5

    NSL (Denmark)
  9. “Nice melodic house” – 3.5/5

    Garrett (Poland)
  10. “Really loved Wally Stryk on Sacred Sapce while Stevie Robinson work on Crowd control is a gem ” – 3.5/5

    Coonal (India)
  11. “nice release Deep groovy vibes.” – 3.5/5

    David Rosalie (Hungary)
  12. “Nice stuff.” – 3.5/5

    s007ii - subRoutine (Canada)
  13. “Just great to lounge to.” – 4.5/5

    Maurizio saez (USA)
  14. “the ep has good vibe!” – 3/5

    Electrobios (Argentina)
  15. “Cool deep release, Crowd control is my favourite.” – 4/5

    KyneticS (Manuel) (Italy)
  16. Lovin these deep grooves. Good solid all round release.

    Ben Mill