01. Pampa (Original Mix)
02. Einai Wraia Stin Rennes (Original Mix)
03. Moonlight (Original Mix)



Wally Stryk presents his third EP on the Elektrax Music labels.

The title track Pampa is inspired by the current sounds of Tech House music. Wally uses a dark synth and deep kick.

Einai Wraia Stin Rennes, is a House track with lovely lead that gives it an aerial feel.

Moonlight, a co-production with Eggz&Bacon, is a house track with some progressive influence. They use long rising synths with cool panning effects.



14 Comments to “Wally Stryk – Pampa EP”

  1. “good stuff, Favs: Moonlight” – 3.5/5

    Hernan Cattaneo (Argentina)
  2. “Moonlight – driving progressive” – 4/5

    Seahawk (Belarus)
  3. “Driving bassline to keep the dancefloor rocking ” – 4.5/5

    f.L.u.X (South Africa)
  4. “great release” – 4/5

    Dingle (Northern Ireland)
  5. “pampa, for me. Will play!” – 4/5

    KyneticS (Manuel) (Italy)
  6. “I like Pampa because it’s very simple and catchy ” – 4.5/5

    Orly Aycart (USA)
  7. “einai wraia stin rennes has somthing from a dark dream and rolling thunder before a warm rain… i love it!” – 4.5/5

    Jim_Star (Canada)
  8. “Love Moonlight! Nice keys and a very groovy percussion.” – 3.5/5

    Aaron Lee (USA)
  9. “Moonlight will work well in a progressive mix.” – 3.5/5

    NSL (Denmark)
  10. “Loving the sidechain on Moonlight, its bit progy but lovely bass & Synth” – 4/5

    Youngstar (Qatar)
  11. “These are all excellent.” – 3.5/5

    Jay Kaufman (Canada)
  12. “Good ep, I like the track Pampe for it’s basslines” – 4.5/5

    Maurizio saez (USA)
  13. “Works for me. Good set of tunes.” – 3.5/5

    s007ii - subRoutine (Canada)
  14. Great tunes!!! ;)

    EmaNuel B