01. Echodrums (Africa Dub)
02. Echodrums (French Connection Dub)
03. Bamboyogo (Original Mix)



Echodrums (Africa dub) is a new school journey into tribal Tech. Starting life as one pumping kick and a wash of manipulated cymbal sounds. The track slowly grinds out its pulsating tribal rhythms that build to a bass line that breathes off the kick. Perfect for that time of the night to pick it up a notch....or two!

Echodrums (French connection dub) starts life in a similar vein as track 1 but introduces its funky bass line much earlier, one that this time dances around the kick in a dubby druggy haze. Fantastic vocal samples, hypnotic melodies and delayed synth lines, soon ease in and out of this number to really carry the

listener/dancer on the tracks journey. Minimalistic Dub? YES.

Bamboyogo introduces itself irresistibly. An introduction (that would drive any dance floor crazy) to a funky, minimal, tribal number to rock the clubs. Peak time set? Looking for an opener to make a statement?

This is it!

- reviewed by Ben Mill



14 Comments to “Pascal Mollin – Echodrums EP”

  1. The two Echodrums mixes are sensational…..enough said!!

  2. woo hooo ;) wonderful earthy drums ;) i love it .. applause !!!!!

  3. All the tracks sound cool. The title explains how it sounds well!

    Ken Ishii (Japan)
  4. will check africa dub mix

    stephan bodzin
  5. for me, the Africa dub and the flip side Bamboyogo are great. will test them out this sat!

  6. Bamboyogo for me.

    miss nine
  7. I love Africa Dub!!!!!!!!

    Hideo Saito (Japan)
  8. Original, love the tribal action.

    Eelke Kleijn
  9. great EP. one of the best of Hypnotic Room, i will play those tunes for sure

  10. French Connection Dub is going going to kill it this Friday. Thanks!! Cool EP

    Roman Zawodny
  11. French Connection Dub is the best mix for me but feeling all the mixes.

    Trevor Rockcliffe
  12. Echodrums Africa dub is my favorite!

    SIDE B (Japan)
  13. great ep. liking the french connection dub just because it messes with your mind

    dave carden (kiss fm ua)
  14. Nice EP here! My favourite track is Echodrums (French Connection Dub). Nice groove for this tribal drumming tune, great atmosphere! Full support, i will play it for sure!

    Claudio Masso (Italy)