01. Lost City (Original Mix)
02. Dark House (Original Mix)
03. Soul Jam (Original Mix)
04. Downwards Escalator (Original Mix)



Orlando B presents 4 solid club tracks ranging from dubby tech and tough tech-house through to soulful-tech and emotive deep house.

Lost City is a stripped down techy affair with nice dubby chord patterns and a laid-back house bass-line while Dark House has an infectious stab groove giving the track a distinctive oldskool flavour.

Soul Jam maintains the oldskool vibe but on a much more soulful tip with a real jazzy feel and lots of peak time moments.

The last track Downwards Escalator is deep and moody with Detroit strings over a haunting organ riff and dark chords.



15 Comments to “Orlando B – Lost City EP”

  1. Lush, soulful Detroit-inspired tracks, with quite an uplifting jazzy feel, reminds me a bit of Dave Angel.
    Great production all round but my fave is probably Downwards Escalator – just right for one of my spacious warm-up sets, though I’m sure the others will work well at peaktime as well.

    Kone-R (Uncharted Audio)
  2. i’m leaning towards dark house as my fav but all tracks are strong really.

    Ben Sims
  3. Very nice. Totally agree with Dave re. the last two tracks.

    Steve Law
  4. Simply beautiful.

  5. Soul Jam and Downwards Escalator provide the missing link between Atmosfear/Azymuth/Spyro Gyro and melodic downtempo techno, genius. Will play gladly on White Noise Radio Show.

    Dave Clarke
  6. lost city is beautiful. will play it as soon as i can grab the vinyl :-)
    dark house reminds me to some older eye Q / harthouse stuff. soul jam is ok, and my favourite is downwards escalator.

    Frank Mueller (beroshima)
  7. Very nice ep!

    dub dummies
  8. Love Dark House. An all mixes. Full support on Ibiza Sonica.

    igor marijuan
  9. Yep, gotta agree – fantastic release!

    Andrez Bergen (Little Nobody)
  10. Great all round ep, and I mean GREAT! Dark House though, sings in my ears. Fantastic work. I love it, will play.

    Craig McWhinney
  11. Dark House is the one

    Miss Nine (Holland)
  12. this sounds very VERY good to me. Will play for sure.

    Laurent Garnier
  13. cool !!!! i love all trax !!! amazing release !

    takashi watanabe
  14. loving dark house (original mix )on this ep . will support

    dave carden (kiss fm ua)
  15. Great release, full support to this artist