01. Ways Of Fate (Original Mix)
02. Ways Of Fate (Dich remix)
03. On The Second Floor (Original Mix)
04. Heaven (Original Mix)
05. Nice and Cool (Original Mix)



Nando Rodriguez debuts on Hypnotic Room with deep Balearic house sounds straight from the island of Mallorca.

Catchy melodies, funky Tech-House rhythms, layers of atmospheric synth sounds, elegant production and even a touch of progressive make this a perfect release for all House Music lovers.

Dich adds a South American flavor to Ways of Fate with a funky minimal house remix.



7 Comments to “Nando Rodriguez – Ash and Dust EP”

  1. this ep has a real nice vibe. love the piano sounds

    orlando b
  2. Great EP, I love both mixes of..” Ways of Fate”
    Cool pianos, does it for me every time!!! (a true baleric sound!)

    Enjoying the rest of the EP too… nicely finished with
    ” Nice and Cool “

    Stevie Robinson (3 DEEP)
  3. nice and cool for me all the way . great tracks

    dave carden (kiss fm ua)
  4. Nice and Cool for me, beautiful tracks!

    Wehbba (82 recordings, Brazil)
  5. Nice tracks mate

  6. Nice Stuff!

    Miss Nine
  7. beautiful music – all trax are brilliant productions
    u gotta love em. piano houz dubs …hell yeah – long time no hear that style. will use them in radio shows for sure !!

    commander tom