01. Mijk van Dijk – Feel Unreal (Original Mix)
02. Mijk van Dijk – Faith & Fate (Original Mix)
03. Mijk van Dijk – Feel Unreal (Shin Nishimura Remix)
04. Mijk van Dijk – Faith & Fate (DJ Wada Remix)
05. Mijk van Dijk – Feel Unreal (Takashi Watanabe Remix)

Mijk van Dijk presents mijktech, a new techno project from Mijk’s Berlin studio!




11 Comments to “Mijk van Dijk – Feel Unreal EP”

  1. Wada, Shin & Takashi shine (as always) and GREAT to see Mijk back in the driver’s seat!

    Little Nobody
  2. Amazing release! I love DJ Wada remix!

    DJ Warp
  3. for radio play, thanks.

    Tim Thaler (Berlin FM)
  4. Sehr guter, nuancenreicher deeper Techno Track! I like!!!

    Sergej Gorn
  5. Feel Unreal (Shin Nishimura Remix) is the right tune i
    like to play on my gigs.. really groovin and pumpin’! Good one for me!

    Claudio Masso
  6. Mijk van Dijk back with another winner. The remixes
    compliment this Ep nicely especially the DJ Wada mix but the Originals of Feel Unreal & Faith & Fate are simply AWESOME! Stellar release!!

    Claude Young
  7. Great batch of remixes

  8. Shin Nishimura Remix is Cool..8 thumb up

    Raditz Room
  9. Takashi Watanabe remix is the mix on here!

    Trevor Rockcliffe
  10. Not the kind of style I play right now, but since I love
    all the Brighton techno stuff, I choose the Dj Wada Remix as my favourite track from this release. Solid work.

    Frank Kusserow
  11. like the original unreal and the unreal provided by

    Rob StrobE