01. SERi – Elements (Original Mix)

02. SERi – Elements (Saizen Remix)

03. SERi – Elements (M.Fukuda Remix)

04. SERi – Elements (Flag75 Remix)

05. SERi – Elements (Yuuki Hori Remix)

06. SERi – Elements (Takashi Watanabe Remix)



Hypnotic Room certainly lives up to its name with this release. The original’s mesmeric synth line glides through the track fluctuating and peaking at all the right points, taking the listener on a captivating sonic trip. Backed up with a diverse assortment of remixes from Saizen, M Fukuda, Flag 75, Yuuki Hori and Takashi Watanabe, this release offers something different for your discerning electronic music enthusiast.

Saizen offers a tech-house workout with some atmospheric pads underlying some punchy drum lines. Fukuda’s remix takes a minimalistic approach to the original with an entrancing hook and fantastic spatial style reverb. Flag 75’s no nonsense techno version is dancefloor fodder with its pounding kick and driving bass. Yuuki Hori gives us a bouncy, lfo’d up, lighter side of techno rework while Takashi Watanabe’s rendering is a blissed up chilled out beauty fit for the better days of Ibiza. Something for everyone I’d say.

reviewed by Darren F Glynn @ Listen Up Techno Blog



6 Comments to “SERi – Elements”

  1. M.Fukuda Rmx does it for me, excellent underground techno!

    Phuture Traxx
  2. Hard to pick a winner from this bunch… they are all
    great tracks!! Support from The Vinyl Club!!

    Jim Lamb - The Vinyl Club on Leith FM
  3. Great release – fun for all the (tech) family. Flag 75’s
    remix is one for my cyber record box and Takashi Watanabe’s remix is one for the jacuzzi, car, ipod etc

    Daz Furey
  4. M.Fukuda Remix for me! pumpin’ grooves here!

    Claudio Masso
  5. Flag 75 Remix!

    Mattias Fridell
  6. Nice selections..not easy to choose a fav tracks ..Flag75 Remix wins

    gayle san