01. Dave Tarrida – Tempt You with Sin (Original Mix)

02. Dave Tarrida – Tempt You with Sin (Alexander Kowalski Remix)

03. Dave Tarrida – Tempt You with Sin (Takashi Watanabe Remix)




17 Comments to “Dave Tarrida – Tempt You with Sin”

  1. good one!

    Simon Garcia / Pokerflat
  2. Solid release from D.Tarida. Like!

  3. Nice one!! love tarrida!!

    Signal Deluxe (Blaq Records)
  4. Tempt you with sin is my fav!

    Roberto Capuano / Drumcode
  5. great ep!!. alexander kowalski rmx is big!!

    Luigi Madonna (Drumcode)
  6. Tempt You with Sin is really good

    DJ Wehbba (Tronic)
  7. Downloading to try out, thanks

    Roger Sanchez
  8. great remixes!!!

    Kirk Degiorgio
  9. Kowalski is back.

    Patrick Selzer / Raveline
  10. kowalski mix is great

    Sasha / Renaissance
  11. Tarrida and Kowalski, two masters of techno back on the throne!
  12. COOOOOOL!!! Loving this one. Support!

    Xpansul / Ovum Recordings
  13. considering for review

    Bleed / De:Bug
  14. nice to hear Dave in good form!

    Piotr Nowicki / Creamfields Poland,, La
  15. great release, original for me

    Bruno Girard / Trax
  16. PHAT!

    Audio Injection
  17. Great ep..original is killer! Stuff I love to play :)

    Damon Wild