01. Clemens Neufeld – Drop Out (Original Vocal Mix)

02. Clemens Neufeld – Drop Out (Pure Acid Mix)

03. Clemens Neufeld – Drop Out (Al Ferox Remix)

04. Clemens Neufeld – Drop Out (Dave Tarrida Remix)




15 Comments to “Clemens Neufeld – Drop Out”

  1. al ferox remix are DOPE!

    Len Faki
  2. Some cool acid mixes here, Al Ferox mix favorite for peaktime though!

    Pjotr G
  3. Amazing acid techno !! killer tunez!! wow!!!!!

    Takashi Watanabe
  4. AL Ferox version will be dropped for sure and original maybe. great acid!

  5. Great ep as usual from Clemens!!

    Alessio Pili
  6. Classy, I dig the tunes.

    Mattias Fridell
  7. I like me some acid! Clemens delivers here! The Pure Acid mix is pure gold. Dave Tarrida’s take is genius too. Good one!

  8. i din’t noticed i passed from the first to the second track lol third is powerful that tempo is perfect to bring out the body and so the energy from it. a nig mix with all the remix would be great :)

  9. Original Mix is Acid done properly, ill even excuse the
    absence of a real 303.

    Vince Watson
  10. Pure Acid mix is a fun little flashback, I’ll give that one
    a try.

    Paul Mac
  11. Al Freox rmx is ace!

    Joachim Spieth
  12. Original mix for me.

    Peter Van Hoesen
  13. Like the Al Ferox mix the best.

    Damon Wild
  14. Pure Acid !!!

    Advanced Human
  15. amazing stufff !!!

    Raffaele Attanasio