01. Mattias Fridell – Being Diffracted (Original Mix)

02. Mattias Fridell – Sempiternal Materia (Original Mix)

03. Mattias Fridell – Aporia (Original Mix)



In keeping with its namesake, Hypnotic Room is proud to introduce the Hypnotic Room Dub Series, a project offering designed to run side by side with the traditional Hypnotic Room catalogue. In this series we will be showcasing some of the finest, deepest, and most hypnotic cuts ever to run through a delay.

The first release in these new series comes from Mattias Fridell, who contrary to to the beliefs of some, has been crafting his art for the best part of a decade. All that maturity and refinement come to fruition in his masterly crafted 'Being Diffracted' EP on Hypnotic Room.

Mattias this time presents us with 3 dub drenched tunes that can only be described as blissful. The devil is in the detail here and Mattias has shown the kind of love, nurturing and warmth a release of this depth needs, so lay back, lose yourself and enjoy.

Supported by Advanced Human, Dimi Angélis, Ground Loop, Jonas Kopp, Joel Mull, Ness, Paul Boex, Pfirter, Samuli Kemppi, Tommyfourseven and many others.



2 Comments to “Mattias Fridell – Being Diffracted EP”

  1. This is one of the best musical pieces I heard in a long time. Title song and Aporia are gems here. Can’t wait to give it a go…

  2. love it. mattias always deliver intelligent and forward thinking classics

    Coeter One