Logo Side: A
a) El Cubo – NOP remix
b) El Cubo – funky mix

Info Side: B
a) Lovely Lady – original mix
b) El Camino del Inca – original mix



a1) NOP, the Tokyo wunderkid of Japanese house music, delivers a percussive and groovy remix of the title track "El Cubo" (The Cube), which has already been getting plenty of pre-release airplay during his sets at the famous Ageha club.

a2) DICH himself, goes for a more funky house style with minimalistic influences and top notch production.

b1) Lovely Lady a slightly more up-tempo piece of minimal tech-house that draws heavily on Latin influences and even reggae to slowly build into a solid house groove full of dub like reverbs and delays.

b2) Final track, El Camino del Inca is pure modern deep, minimal-tech with splashes of dub. From the long droning synth to the noise and ambience this is exactly what you’d expect one Richie Hawtin to drop these days.

El Cubo EP gets reviewed on Clubbing Spain and scores 8/10!



22 Comments to “Dich – El Cubo EP (12″ Vinyl)”

  1. i love the whole ep, great release.

  2. The NOP remix will go well in many clubs.

    The Funky Mix and Lovely Lady are the show stealers of this release. Very nice tech house vibes.

    El Camino Del Inca (Original), ah! This is the one for me, deeper & darker sounds. I love this one. A great release from Elektrax. Very well rounded release, there will be something here for everybody.

    Nicky C (Malaysia)
  3. i can see myself playing all mixes, my favorite is elcubo funky mix tho, thanks a lot.

    Dj Wehbba (Brazil)
  4. Nop remix is cool!

  5. Nice release..will play it!

    Patrick Lindsey (Funkwelle, Terminal M)
  6. Love this release, interesting sounds here! Funky mix is my favourite, will be playing that straight away!

    Stevie Robinson (3 DEEP)
  7. Love the deep approach 100% Love Lady is my fav, but all tracks rule.

    Andrew Grant (Circoloco / Barraca Music)
  8. nice and atmospheric

    Michael MD (Spraci, AUS)
  9. great stuff, i really like el cubo (nop remix) and lovely lady, will play them for sure, thanks

    Wehbba (get physical, brazil)
  10. Love the NOP remix!!

    Patrick Zigon
  11. Love the moody pads and overall feel of El Camino del inca here..El Cubo Funky mix is a winner too!

    Enclave (Melbourne)
  12. Nop remix will be my pick on this one, all tracks have this summer flavour but nop is the dope! great package.

  13. El Cubo – NOP rmx works

    Miss Nine (Holland)
  14. my favorite: lovely lady, full support!

    fernanda diaz a.k.a. rokit-f
  15. great el cubo..the nop remix for me…

    The Coffee Boy (Orphik, Berlin)
  16. NOP remix is nice groove and very useful! and I like El Camino. nice sounds!

    kazuaki noguchi (modewarp, japan)
  17. el cubo funkymix is awesome. looking forward to play that track this weekend.

    ko kimura (futic tokyo)
  18. Lovely Lady is good for me. I like the smokey and emotional sounds though I think that I need swing a little more. Thanks!

    Orange Society (Styledriver)
  19. It’s very hard to find tracks that connect you between the groovy start of the set to the main part..
    El Cubo is one of those tracks, very easy listening but kick ass in the same time, I love the production of dich & i’m sure we will hear many good things in the future from this artist..

    stereo underground (android muziq)
  20. I love Tech House music, and in my mind this Tech House music is very great!!

    El Cubo: 5/5, this is the same tech house that it’s possible to listen in Ibiza.

    Respect !!

    Wally Stryk (France)
  21. i love NOP remix, good work!

    Pablo Bolivar (Spain)
  22. NOP remix is my favorite!

    SIDE B