01. Compulsion (DJ Wada remix)
02. Compulsion (DJ Hi-Shock remix)
03. Compulsion (M-Koda remix)
04. Compulsion (Takashi Watanabe’s tech remix)
05. Compulsion (Ben Mill remix)
06. Compulsion (Andrez Bergen remix)
07. Compulsion (Donk Boys remix)
08. Compulsion (Luke’s Anger remix)
09. Compulsion (Ben Pest remix)
10. Compulsion (Little Nobody’s Original mix)



When Little Nobody’s ‘Compulsion’ was unleashed earlier this year, we got some gloriously disparate positive feedback: Some talented souls declaring that the track sounded akin to Underground Resistance (Steve Stoll) to Suburban Knight (Captain Funk, Dave Tarrida), and even the Art Of Noise (Anthony Shakir). Others, like Patrick Pulsinger, Ben Mill and Kirk Degiorgio, called it just plain cool.

“I have to say that this is one of your best tracks so far,” DJ Hi-Shock declared on first exposure. “This is nice, darkish, gritty and phat techno.” So we got curious to see what like-minded producers would do with the very same sound-sources, and encouraged Andrez Bergen (aka Little Nobody) to choose a bunch of his favorite current musicians to do so – including Japan’s DJ Wada (Co-Fusion), M-Koda and Takashi Watanabe (DJ Warp), wonky electronic-funk wizards Donk Boys (Dirtybird), Luke’s Anger (Tigerbass) and Ben Pest (Ninja Tune), and Aussie house/techno virtuosos DJ Hi-Shock and Ben Mill (Bitch Shift).

What transpired has been a stunning, sweeping, genre-crunching reinterpretation, and the reaction to these remixes is already starting to gush. “Just a quick e-mail to let you know that this release is a killer!!!” declared Claude Young straight after he heard DJ Wada’s mix!



33 Comments to “Compulsion – Remixes”

  1. next evening it is imperative that I play Ben Pest(remix), a bomb…

    Homme Studio
  2. What a package! Amazing array of remixes. None capture the phat-ness of the original though.

    Sebastian Bayne
  3. Great release. Favoring the Hi-Shock and Watanabe Remixes

    Alkan (Australia)
  4. Sounds good!

    Angel Alanis (Tresor)
  5. Just got round to checking it.. Ben played me his a while ago and it’s my fave of the bunch, but the last four are top class.. so for it’s Donk Anger Little Pest all the way :)

    Jerome Hill
  6. lots of good mixes, too many nice ones to pick a favorite!

    dave tarrida
  7. Wonderful collection and I’m digging the Takashi Watanabe mix A LOT.

  8. Another outstanding Little Nobody release.
    To pack so much ‘quality’ into such a diverse array of ‘versions’ is truly an achievement.
    i am enamoured with every mix, Wada’s deep journey into distant tribal space sets the tone nicely for a further slide toward the outer edges of the galaxy with Hi-Shock before landing on M-Koda’s warbly planetary surface for a bit of edgy madness until we set off again on a starlit noctambulation with Takashi Watanabe, before being romanced by the quirky compulsions of Ben Mill.
    Andrez Bergen’s interpretation then brings it home with a sense of immediacy prevailing in the mix which prepares the lister very nicely for the earthly stomp of the Donk Boys mix with it’s short synthetic ‘brass’ stabs leading the charge before Lukes Anger amps up the ‘quirk factor’ with some overt tweakiness as Ben Pest takes over with a compulsive and strange urgency, and then we are finally reminded where it all came from with the ‘Original mix’ by Little Nobody, which may well be the finest of the bunch.

    Scott Armstrong (G3-IF)
  9. Definitely some nice grooves amongst this collection of mixes.

    Steve Law
  10. another exellent release!!

    hologram hookers
  11. All mixes are cool, but man I’m diggin the Ben Mill rework. Lovely slice of deepness right there!!!!!


    Craig McWhinney
  12. wow what a lovely release!!!! real deal minimalistic qualities… high quality.. really dig the Hi Shock, Andrez Bergen, M-Koda, Luke’s Anger, and Ben Pest remixes!!!

    cool grooves here!!!

  13. Fantastic mix, I love all of this for DJing different night-time moments!

    DJ Ichitomi
  14. Some cool tunes there.

    Damon Wild
  15. Good mix – hook me up.

    Steve Poindexter
  16. Donk Boys mix is funky indeed! Bass hook! Will play!

    Andrey Zots (A.F.U.)
  17. DJ Hi-Shock’s Compulsion remix is absolutely wicked!! Really took me deep underground where darkness lives….genius!!!!!!

    Roman Zawodny (Mad Hatter - HRD)
  18. Andrez Bergen Remix!!!!!

    Roman Zawodny
  19. DJ Wada and Little Nobody’s original would be good acquisitions. Considering it’s all variations on the same track, the range of sounds is great to hear.

    Dave Blakemore (Dead Channel)
  20. Solid stuff, I especially like the meatier sounding mixes, fine talk from a vegetarian.

  21. Andrez Bergen Remix is my favourite, those chords are absolutely sick, very old school nostalgia I think! Also really like Takashi Watanabe’s Remix.

    Great stuff guys.

    Rysh Paprota (Vise-Versa Music)
  22. This sounds great – would like to play it out.

    Laurent Garnier
  23. Ben Pest mix is wonderful and I’m in love with Luke’s Anger.

    Kana Masaki (Clean Hands, TTAK)
  24. Very nice (as usual) from Andrez, definitely laying good ground-work for anyone to remix on.

    Judd Kerr (Australia)
  25. This is just AWESOME, I hope I don’t get into TOO much trouble for dancing in a public library!

    Tony Irvine (3PBS-FM Melbourne)
  26. Great selection, I’m savoring Original mix and M-Koda.

    Janice Ho (France)
  27. DJ Hi-Shock remix. Nice dub-eeeey minimal track!

    DJ Wada
  28. all mixes are great, Hi-Shock Remix is my fav!

    Pascal Mollin / Wave System
  29. “Nice! Well known Donk-Boys-funk-a-funk!”

    Dinamoe, aka Rico Puestel (Frankie Records)
  30. Wonderful set of the remixes and I love Dj Wada!

    Jamm X
  31. This Donk Boys remix is def. one of my favorite things I’ve heard of yours, awesome! It’s been on repeat for a while now. Would love to hear this on a big club system.

    Bill Hunter (Beatgeek Records)
  32. The Ben Pest remix is so nice!

    DJ Wada (Co-Fusion/Sublime)
  33. this looks and sounds mad!!

    Pete PSAF