Kibou – One Year Anniversary



One year ago, the east coast of Japan was hit by an earthquake that tipped the scale at around 9.0 on the Richter magnitude charts, then devastated by a massive tsunami and subsequent nuclear disaster. Somewhere around 10,000 people have been killed and thousands have lost loved ones and friends. We here at Elektrax Music wanted to give our help to the people of Japan, through what we love most – the music – and we’ve decided to release the benefit compilation project ‘Kibou’, the Japanese word for hope.

This was a combined effort by many Elektrax Music label artists and close friends of Elektrax, who have generously provided their tracks gratis. The project has been put together with the inspiring assistance of our label representative in Japan, Takashi Watanabe, who has donated the sales of Kibou to Japanese Red Cross.

We would like to thank all the music fans who have supported this project and bought some of the tracks and all the artists involved for donating their music.

Thank YOU…

Marmion, Pablo Bolivar, Paul Mac, Beroshima (feat. Coco), Moonbeam, Sizemoreism, Dan Curtin, Advanced Human, Mark Broom, Matthias Springer, Donor & Truss, Thomas P. Heckmann, Alex Bau, Tom Hades, Kai Randy Michel, Dave Tarrida, DJ T-1000 (feat. Rachel Haywire), Citizen Kain & Phuture Traxx, Sam Paganini, Angel Alanis, Bas Mooy, Axel Karakasis, DJ Hi-Shock, Monocraft, Octave, WireTap, Drugstore, Oniks, Thanatos, Kereni, Brian Burger, Stephan Koenigk, Andreas Florin, Zair, Tribal Agent, Claudio Masso, A-Brothers, S-Tek, The Deadstock 33s, Little Nobody, Si Begg, Oscar Mulero, Steve Stoll, Saimon, Martin Mueller, Coeter One & Amanda Arabella, Truncate, Kemmi Kamachi, M.A.D.A, Tek-Tunes, DJ Danko, Bilro & Barbosa, Daegon, Niereich, Cortechs, Ben Mill, Simone Barbieri Viale, Mattias Fridell, Alkan, Sebastian Groth, Mas Teeveh, Plankton & Alejandro Trebor, Michael Schwarz, Kroman Celik, 88uw, Daniel L., Takashi Watanabe, DJ Wada, Ken Ishii, Hideo Kobayashi, Satoshi Fumi, DJ Miku, Orange Society, Jin Hiyama, Yuuki Hori, M.Fukuda, SERi, Paranoia106, Miruga, DJ Yuki, Cut Bit Motorz, 610244, R-04, Tatsuya Oe, Polygon Prompt, Go Hiyama, Flag75, Kuniaki Takenaga, DJ Warp.

KIBOU (Hope) Disc 1

Kibou (Hope) – Disc 1

KIBOU (Hope) Disc 2

Kibou (Hope) – Disc 2

KIBOU (Hope) Disc 3

Kibou (Hope) – Disc 3

KIBOU (Hope) Disc 4

Kibou (Hope) – Disc 4