ABOUT Kroman Celik

Kroman Celik is a project created by the two Venetian guys Michele Fanutti and Federico Micolucci. In 1990/91 Michele started to buy the first releases of labels like Plus8, Rave Signal, Music Man, Underground Resistance. As a lover of techno artists like Joey Beltram, Richie Hawtin, Daniel Bell, Robert Armani, he began playing the common sound of techno of this time as a young man during high school. In 1997 in this peaceful town near Venice, Federico arrived to live next to him. They began to know each other because of their shared passion for soccer. Michi showed all the songs of his collection to Federico and passionated the young boy to this type of electronic sound.

In 2002 they started to produce together and having a lot of fun. KC, inspired by the concept of underground influenced sounds and their rhythmics based in minimal techno, began to perform as djs in some clubs in Veneto, playing especially minimal techno. Driven by the desire to create music, travelling around Europe, with attention to listen to great artists like Rino Cerrone, Par Grindvik, Tony Rohr, Cisco Ferreira, Cari Lekebusch, they decided to start with live-sets, using software and drumachines, to show their own electronic productions. They supplement their dj-sets with effects and samplers. 2006 and 2007 they also performed at the Biennale in Venice during the carnival. The influence that inundates the boys is Detroit Techno mixed up with the beloved Swedish groove. They base their experiments on the search for new sounds and set noises that we are used to hear in our daily life.