Meet Niclas Erlandsson Engineer

About me

Hello dear musician, I’m glad you found your way here.

I’m Niclas, a mastering engineer & techno producer from Sweden. I’ve been producing and mixing music for roughly ten years. During this period I have received tutelage in mixing and sound design from pioneers such as Appleblim and Robin Koek (Artefakt) at dBs music Berlin. Here I also began studying the subtle art of mastering under the wings of renowned engineer Conor Dalton, and later on my friend Mattias Fridell.

Under the mentorship of these engineers I decided to break out and try mastering full time, and had the privilege of being offered a position as an engineer for this service. I can’t wait to work on your music!


I’m on a lifelong quest for better sounding audio, I apply this methodology in all my musical endeavours. This quest is also the reason why I offer free revisions on all my masters.

There’s one tool only that matters when mastering: our ears. But they are not perfect, which is why I approach mastering with a humble outlook. I want you and me to work together to make your music sound as good as it possibly can. I will provide free advice on your mixes before we start working together.

Previous Clients Include

Subjected (PFTA), Orion, Vinicius Honorio, Sandro Galli & DJ Ogi, Speedmaster Records, Gynoid Audio, United We Stream, Chlär, Raw Ppl Agency, Lex Gorrie, Kaiser, The Plant Worker, Shaun Moses.