ABOUT Oliver Lieb

Frankfurt based DJ & producer Oliver Lieb is involved in the production of electronic music since 1988. With more than 250 singles and albums including remixes for Faithless, Moby, Snap, Yello, Human League, Mory Kante, Utah Saints to name a few, he made it in the premier leage of international producers and keeps surprising and amazing people with his extraordinary sounds and diversity.

At the age of 14 he started playing bass in several Funk/Soul/Jazz bands. Oliver also got in touch with electronic music (Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk,Yello, Jean-Michel Jarre) and discovered a new and an endless horizon of expressing himself.

In late 1989 Oliver’s first record FORCE LEGATO “System” got released by Dorian Gray resident DJ Torsten Fenslau on his Abfahrt label. The single gained great worldwide reactions and almost hit the official German charts.

In the years to follow Oliver released everything in the electronic genres from downtempo and chillout to hard experimental techno and trance. His project Spicelab on Sven Väth’s legendary Harthouse label established a platform for his highly appreciated sounds, which developed into one of the most important projects of the label including the release of three full length album releases.

Oliver never wanted to focus on just one specific genre he simply created several pseudonyms for each of his different styles. His LSG and Paragliders releases on Superstition Rec. are still considered as one of the most influencing and timeless trance projects and were developed for more than 10 years and 5 Albums.

His maxis and albums got licensed on Hooj Choons, Yoshitoshi, Platipus, Duty Free, Magic Muzic and many others. After leaving Superstition in 2004 it was time for doing something new especially since the whole music scene went through big changes and somehow redefined itself. After locking himself into his studio to create new sounds and going into all kind of different directions Oliver announced the start of his own label “Maschine” in summer 2005 which is distributed worldwide by “Neuton” and online exclusively through Beatport and released his first single “Solieb – Circus Maximus” in July.

The reactions were great and two more maxis followed until the end of 2005. Maschine is about to turn into a main source for high quality forward electronic music and grabs more and more peoples attention.

In 2007 Oliver started a new company doing mastering and cutting vinyl. After all this was a logic step since he is known for a very high sound standard on his own productions and so he added some high end analog mastering gear to his studio to guarantee sound quality enhancement also for his clients.

After the endless process of planning, constructions and moving in to the new studio and finally focusing on the new company he took a bit of a break from producing and djing – also to focus on a new sound and directions.

In 2010 Oliver started a new label Solieb Digital at Beatport to re-release his old music after remastering and polishing the tracks. So far his Recycle or Die release as well as two albums from Spicelab and just now the L.S.G. – The Black Album Remastered Compilation were released.

Since late 2010/early 2011 Oliver has started working again on new productions. The first release Parallax was an exclusive track for John Digweeds Structures two CD followed in July by the Oliver Lieb – Epsilon Eridani EP – both on Bedrock.

After upgrading and changing his studio setup in Summer 2011 he also appeared as a remixer again starting with Ioan Gamboa, Davide Cali and Microtrauma´s “Aktin” on Microtonal and later Fran Von Vie – „Albatros“ on 99percent recordings.

In February 2012 Oliver Lieb together with Jimmy van M. released a mix CD as „The Audible Suspects” on Bedrock that was highly appreciated both for the outstanding overall sound quality and the track selection.

In August Oliver Lieb – „Melting“ was released on Argentinian Label Rezongar Music with a nice remix by Adrian Hour and Oliver Lieb – „IC Future/Reach the sunrise“ on Apwood Recordings. The Oliver Lieb – „Collider EP“ was released on Diametral in late November 2012 with remixes by Solee and Matthias Spriger.

In December two more remixes came out – Rich Curtis Lower my voice on Release Rec. and Mauro Norti – Last Day that made it to the Beatport Techno sales charts on #6.

2013 will be very busy – it started with „The Shortest Day / Yarra EP“ on Tulipa Rec. with original Oliver Lieb tracks plus remixes from Android Cartel, Dapayk Solo and Roland M. Dill and a release on Blackhole´s sister label Fris! Oliver Lieb –„Altiplano“ .

In the next few weeks there will be coming out remixes Oliver did for Solee on Parquet Rec. , Kassey Voorn & Deepfunk on Microcastle and for Binny on Flatlife Deep.

More original releases soon on Parquet Rec. (Rack To The Boots EP.), Fris! (Ear Candy), Android Musiq incl. vinyl (The Prophet EP.)