ABOUT Rustal

Dublin-born artist Peter Sweeney, has released music under a number of different aliases since 2009, but Rustal has remained his constant, allowing him to cultivate a reputation for himself in Europe and Australia.

Growing up in Dublin, Rustal was exposed to the many facets of the city’s music scene. While attending illegal and legal techno parties, Rustal developed a likening for trance which has helped inform his musical direction. His early appetite for trance can still be heard; with his solid 4/4 sequences and insistent percussion. Today, techno, atmospheric techno and dub have become strong fixtures in his repertoire.

His debut EP Privilege, was released last year on Melbourne label, Short Black Records. The EP made its way to stores in Dublin, Japan, Germany and Amsterdam and even graced Juno’s techno charts, peaking at number 52. Described as powerful and immersive, the record is a gateway for new listeners to discover what Rustal is about.

Through these early endeavours, he has gained the tick of approval from artists such as Slam, Richie Hawtin, Mattias Fridell, Pfirter, Slam, Dj Hyperactive and Truncate. More recently, Rustal has been working on a new club with the Subject crew in Dublin, called Index. The club has started strong, already hosting acts such as Bas Mooy, Charlton and DJ Bone. To add to this, he is involved in a new venture called The Back Door to The Universe. The project aims to bring science and art together, and will host a foray of exhibitions showcasing music, photography, audio visuals and more.

Rustal shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon with forthcoming releases due out on Canadian label, Subspec and Australian label, Gynoid Audio.