ABOUT Satoshi Fumi

During the 1990’s, he grew interested in the Detroit, Chicago and New York house movements.

He absorbed and digested the different sounds of electronic music throughout that period, helping him to shape, develop and influence his own unique style.

Satoshi’s production skills have matured enough today, allowing him the freedom to create, and as a DJ, to mix a variety of dance music styles together such as Techno, House, Click and Acid.

In the same way he release on many good labels, Klik Records, Urbantorque, Plactic City, Force Tracks, Italic, Irma, Disco inc, Connect Four, Yoshitoshi,etc… and is supported by Laurent Garnie,Ben Watt, Nic Fanciulli, Funk D’Void,Nacho Marco etc…

He starts his own label Sequent:Recordings and Outerspace Records(run with Osamu M). Satoshi possesses a rich imagination, and will continue to be a prolific producer across many musical styles and building a strong discography the entire time as a result.