ABOUT Sphaereon

Mono.xID/Sphaereon (Original name: Patrick Henning) started DJing around 1996 after his first weekly visits at the legendary Tresor club. He was fascinated by acts like SURGEON, JOEY BELTRAM, THE ADVENT, CLAUDE YOUNG just to name a few.

As Techno became more tribal and loopy around 2000, he quickly lost interest in these kind of sounds and for a long time he played in local Hardcore/Punk bands and had the opportunity to visit some studios which infected him with the art of music production very quickly.

Going back to his Techno-Roots and alongside the development of technology, he decided to start his own musical approaches on Techno in 2008. After years of defining his own sound and improving his production skills, Mono.xID felt that time has come to show his efforts to a bigger audience and is willing to spread his music.

Besides his production activities, he started to DJ again and found his home in SUBDIVISION, a collective of DJ’s and Producers which ranges from Techno, DnB, Dubstep and bass driven music in general. He performs regularly at SUBDIVISION’s homebase, the infamous SUBLAND Club (Berlin), at all the bigger Club Events like the packed B-Day parties or the well known BURN THE MACHINE Festivals.

In 2013, he created the new SPHAEREON moniker for his deeper and more organic sounding tracks. Also the SPHAEREON sound isn’t just related to techno only as it is his experimental playground for other genres like Drone, IDM, Downbeat or Ambient.