ABOUT Stingrays

+ eastern bloc techno +

Stingrays first encounter with electronic music in 1986 in Singapore and started his DJ career in 1989 and currently based in Taiwan, the land of Formosa.

Over the years, Stingrays experimented with different music styles alongside house and techno, DJ’ed and played live at many venues in Asia and over in Europe. Stingrays have headlined and played along with respected artists like Alec Empire, Jan Langer, Toky, Dalo, Oscar Mulero, Angel Molina, Paul Damage, etc. and has spun at many clubs where top-name talent performs regularly.

Stingrays deejay’s with integrated trickery and fast paced mixing to accentuate the right energy and atmosphere. Atmosphere is a crucial aspect of music. Stingrays is quite ambitious to expose quality music to the dance floor through his own form of expression, and is always improvising 100%.

Stingrays is fascinated with technology, art, acquiring knowledge and the application of it, and the omnipresent forces of nature and emotion. He strives for the ultimate fusion of all of these.

As a producer and a former techno rebellion of sheep/zet/integrale uk, he has began his underground music movement producing techno music in all shades and colors, from hard to experimental to leftfield and beyond. Apart from releasing on numerous other labels, he later founded his own label, Fluid-Mix, and that is where Stingrays came into his signature sound

Watch out for Stingrays upcoming debut on world’s finest techno label, Gynoid Audio.