ABOUT Takatsugu Wada

Takatsugu Wada is a Dark Techno producer, representing the forefront of Japanese Techno on the global stage.

In 2009, he touched the culture of techno. And he was totally absorbed in the scene. Each single sound of techno attracted him.

“Dark & Hard” is his basic play style, and he also likes playing fast feeling tracks. He was installed as an executive producer in “teiONclub Entertainment” — a Japanese techno label — in 2011. Top techno artists from all over the world were invited by him to play in Japan.

teiONclub Entertainment’s parties are often held in “Club Joule”, which has the largest capacity in western Japan. Their parties are always crowded with techno fans and currently the most biggest underground techno party in Japan.

He stared composing his own tracks from 2013. His debut track will be supported by the podcast of CLR, the top techno label leaded by Chris Liebing.

And he will be the first Japanese to release tracks from the long established Italian label, “Italo Business”. Also his tracks are already released from the biggest Australian techno label “Elektrax Recordings” and the famous Germany label “Plastiq”.

Since his release of early 2013, he is now focusing on the world stage. Takatsugu Wada is definitely the artist you should keep your eye on.