01. Ground Loop – Venom (Original Mix)

02. Ground Loop – Paralysis (Original Mix)

03. Ground Loop – Eternity (Original Mix)




23 Comments to “Ground Loop – Serpent EP”

  1. Awesome tracks!

    Stefano Infusino
  2. Eternity is my favourite, good job…!!

    oscar mulero
  3. Venom is for me… this track remember me a journey into a jungle, cool!

    Claudio Masso
  4. Great release… I will play Paralysis for sure.

    Adriana Lopez
  5. Nice groover.. dark and in my style. Will play Paralysis !

    Damon Wild
  6. Really cool dubbed out stuff man! All cool!!

  7. Supporting the Venom track from day 1, awesomeness !

    Advanced Human
  8. venom’s the cut for me here, a heavy dubby party starter, very good, thx!

    Ben Sims
  9. Venom and Paralysis are the ones for me

    Dead Sound
  10. Venom – very good stuff!

    Audio Injection
  11. Not something for my sets but well crafted and enjoyable

  12. Three good tracks.

    Norman Nodge
  13. Great tracks and especially ‘Venom’!

    Inigo Kennedy / Asymmetric
  14. Will test Paralysis, thanks.

  15. nice release, esp. Eternity!

    Jeroen Search
  16. Like the deep vibes here. Eternity for me, thanks.

    Tommy Four Seven
  17. High class tracks, support.

  18. A sizzling EP, this one – really digging Ben’s Ground Loop project and all three tracks here are superb.

    Andrez Bergen / Little Nobody
  19. interesting Ep, cool elements. Dig Venom the most, will play, thanx!

  20. the key is, the complete release, simply brilliant!

  21. I really like this EP, the experimental sides of it are great. The whole separation between the bottom and top elements are brilliant. All tracks are damaging.

    Mattias Fridell
  22. AWESOME! like all of them!

    Borja Uve
  23. Venom is awesome…will buy it for sure!

    patrick krieger