01. Mattias Fridell – Impalement I (Original Mix)

02. Mattias Fridell – Impalement II (Original Mix)

03. Mattias Fridell – Impalement III (Original Mix)




17 Comments to “Mattias Fridell – The Impalements”

  1. Impalement III for me…got some nice sizzling menace gong on…

  2. Great stuff, as expected from Mattias!

    Bas Mooy
  3. nice ep, good ambience and everything, I do feel that there
    is a bit too much of this around though, im gettin tons of this “industrial tech recorded in a warehouse” techno…

    Samuel L Session
  4. liking this – version 2 and 3 are deep and dark – cool

    Slam (Soma / Drumcode)
  5. hard to pick a favorite but if i had to… impalement 1.

  6. Great solid release full of deep techno … full support!

    Andrew Till
  7. Perfect for those late night gigs.

  8. Mattias rocks again!!!

    Jeroen Search
  9. I like this groove of Impalement II.

    Go Hiyama
  10. I’m really loving this deep darkness from Mattias. 100% support !

    Advanced Human
  11. Some interesting sounds here. Will play out.

    Inigo Kennedy / Asymmetric
  12. Impalement 1 get my vote!!

    Vince Watson
  13. very nice ep, i will try out this weekend.

    Antonio De Angelis
  14. solid release by Mattias as always, will test out Impalement I next week!

    Claudio Masso
  15. Excellent EP! Deep and dark… Digging “Impalement III” the most.

    Adriana Lopez
  16. really good dark stuff!

    Audio Injection
  17. Love it.

    G R O U N D L O O P