Elektrax was established in the mid ’90s in Sydney, Australia, by one of that city’s most influential DJ/producers over the past 20 years: DJ Hi-Shock, these days also known as Advanced Human.

The label’s first release was the “Nagano Trax Vol.1″ vinyl; thereafter, while a lot of remarkably cool techno was produced for Elektrax, and quite a few white labels eventuated, being based in a land so damned far from the essential European techno scene made it hard to ship the records across the gaping seas between us, let alone sell and promote them to the perfect audience.

The chance to start afresh without such constraints came with the emergence of digital platforms, and our labels Elektrax Recordings, and the newly established subsidiary label Hypnotic Room, were amongst the first few labels to try this new distribution technology when they joined Beatport in early 2005.

As a wealth of new artists became involved with Elektrax, additional sub-labels were created to cater for the diversity, and in 2008 Elektrax became Elektrax Music – the umbrella organization through which to run Elektrax Recordings, Darknet, Hypnotic Room, Gynoid Audio, Android Muziq, and Achromatiq, recently followed by a couple of vinyl labels Counter Pulse, and AcidWorx.

These days Elektrax Music is run with the help of a small but dedicated group of people consisting of a graphic designer, an accounts/legal assistant, a marketing/promotions representative, a mastering engineer, and an international team of cool A&R guys.

The label owner, DJ Hi-Shock, gets involved too, and does all of the web development, some graphic design, A&R and general label management.

With releases and remixes from new and established producers such as Truncate, Mark Broom, Jonas Kopp, Ortin Cam, Bas Mooy, Kai Randy Michel, DJ Wada, James Ruskin, Hideo Kobayashi, Ken Ishii, Satoshi Fumi, Dave Tarrida, Gayle San, Steve Stoll, and DJ Hi-Shock, the Elektrax labels have already engineered for themselves individual stronghold identities and gained support from most top DJs worldwide.