ABOUT Alessio Pili

Labels: Hypnotic Room, Translucent

Alessio Pili was born in Milan in 1980 and later moved to Sardinia. Pushed by a strong passion for electronic music, especially for Detroit and dark techno, he became a dj around the age of 18. His inspiration came from artist such as Steve Stool, Basic Channel, Luke Slater, Birmingham influenced techno and all the others pioneers of this style.

His dj sets are characterized by dark and hypnotic sounds, moving and evolving to more groovy and bright sonorities, often played on 3 decks to create a more unpredictable aspect during the his sets.

His productions are strongly influenced by the music he plays in his sets; his choice of sonority and sound is mainly old school and classic techno with a futuristic approach. Refusing the abuse of new technologies and still fighting for the survival of the vinyl, he plays live only with this tool because of his love for quality music and the art of djing.