01. Zair – Enigmas (Dich Remix)
02. Zair – Enigmas
03. Zair – Lemonade



Enigmas. Dich Remix
A very dark atmospheric piece with some very tasty percussion samples that have been craftily edited. This track builds slowly over time with some very hypnotic stereo effects. The kick sneaks it's way in without being noticed but definitely provides a toe tapping groove. At about half way we are treated to an atmospheric breakdown which is introduced with a very tasty sounding filter.. which is used in reverse very quickly to bring the beat back in. This would definitely work in a late night set in a more "adult" club. Sexy work.

Enigmas. Original Mix

The original mix of Enigma is where the tasty percussion samples have come from. This has a more raw 808 feel but is equally as dark with a concentration on some eery synth sounds in the top end. The track is punctuated with some craftily manouvered reverse effects and layering. There is movement through the drums to make this track drift along quite nicely, with sections of ride cymbal to give an extra level of excitement. .. conjurs images of bodies slinking around each other in a dark room holding on to expensive cocktails.

Lemonade. Original Mix

Lemonade is a more bubbly track than Enigma with a definite jazz influence on it's harmonic structure without being jazzy. While being an intelligent track this is definitely catchy and will have a fairly wide appeal to audiences. The blend of harder edged and softer samples being used for both percussive and melodic elements gives this track alot of depth while definitely staying a major toe tapper.



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