01. V1NZ – Corners In Time
02. V1NZ – Corners In Time (Virgil Enzinger remix)
03. V1NZ – Disposition
04. V1NZ – Miscomprehension



Fresh from Steve Stoll's Proper N.Y.C. label, bearing with him a maddening rickshaw ride of percussion, V1NZ launches himself into completely new acoustic territory right from the start with the insanely cool and mesmerizing Corners In Time. Four to the floor on the bass tip with creepy vocoded synth overlays; this one pulls from several angles of an experiential psychological prism. Remarkable stuff you've never heard before.

Rolling bass and delicate percussion, Virgil Enzingers's remix preserves the dark feeling of the original mix, adding in some seriously nasty synth stabs from the 80's destined to send chills down your spine. The ambient arsenal of mood and emotion in this one is absolutely guaranteed to pack the dancefloor tight. Brilliant remix from the Austrian tech-samurai master!

Disposition brings an eerie, dark, melodic vibe extracted from the psyche. Melancholic acoustic piano parts complement the subtle yet sub spiced bassline.

Miscomprehension ups the acidic ante within a wonderfully demanding rhythm structure that's a fraction out-of-kilter. Shards of minimalistic percussion combine with complex layers of doleful and pensive melody in a near hypnotic manner.



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