01. Pascal Mollin – Hey
02. Pascal Mollin – Hey (Dave Tarrida remix)
03. Pascal Mollin – Hey (Wave System remix)
04. Wave System – That’s Right



Hey immediately grabs your attention with its ever present bottom end power. Crisp percussion rolls over the top of a hypnotic bass line as the intermittent 'hey' stabs jump out and grab you, right before hypnotizing you again.

The Dave Tarrida remix of 'Hey' pulls on the reins somewhat and brings the kick to the fore. The hypnotic bass line is still there, still there rolling, but is opened up by sample delay. Elements of funk and glitch push along to endless mind melting breakdowns.

Finally, the Wave System remix of 'Hey' see's proceedings taken up a notch....or two. The kick pattern has been altered to a 3/4 feel and that bass has been altered, distorted and drives. Percussion and vocal stabs drenched in reverb add atmosphere and fuel to the hypnotic fire that is 'Hey'.

Finishing off this EP is a deep and funky tech stormer That's Right. The Wave System guys show off some very high quality production here. This is the new techno sound from the depth of FFM!



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