01. 3 Deep – Shadow Dance (Jonny Blevins mix)
02. 3 Deep – Radio City (Jonny Blevins mix)
03. 3 Deep – Underground Investigation (Jonny Blevins/Kris Totton mix)



Shadow Dance:
Deep, dark and dangerous. Packed with loads of sharp and futuristic sounds and a hook that would slice through any dance floor in the world. Perfect for that time in a set when a DJ's about to go through the gear box and step it up. A true tech house monstor.

Radio City:
All the makings of a classic deep house track here. Sharp, quirky and funky sounds, craftily layered together. But it's the use of white noise samples, which are put together here to create a radio static sound that has never been heard before. A breath of freash air and a track worthy to build any set on. Those sax and horn rifs are that fresh and live, they're almost in the room with you. Good enough to tune any dance floor in.

Underground Investigation:
A deep but chunky minimal groove surrounded by fresh cutting edge sounds with a dark sub bass line floating along in the background. Perfect for what's known as in the trade as a filler track. The one that just sits there and doesn't really go anywhere but it keeps the floor grooving along. A must when building great sets. A mid set maestro!



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