01. Tolga Baklacioglu – Beyond Good And Evil (Original Mix)

02. Tolga Baklacioglu – Beyond Good And Evil (Miss Sunshine Remix)

03. Tolga Baklacioglu – Enchanting Psycho (Original Mix)

04. Tolga Baklacioglu – Enchanting Psycho (Ground Loop Remix)




22 Comments to “Tolga Baklacioglu – Beyond Good And Evil EP”

  1. Original of Enchanting Psycho and Miss Sunshine Remix of Beyond Good And Evil are superb. Ground Loop Remix is also great. Tough to pick a favourite. Supporting for sure.

    Ryan Sullivan
  2. a great tolga-release again. full support.

  3. deep, solid, powerful and hypnotic originals and great remixes

    Ingemar Stalholm // Arbiter
  4. Driving techno, sublime. Heavenly or Hellish depends on who uses them.

    Jesse Voltaire
  5. First track it’s for me, amazing one!

  6. downloaded for r hawtin

    Richie Hawtin / Minus
  7. Beyond Good and Evil (original and remix) for me.

    Adriana Lopez
  8. Nice Ep! (Miss Sunshine rmx) my fav

    Sam Paganini
  9. I really like the vibe of the Miss Sunshine remix, goes straight into my bag!

    Spark Taberner
  10. Beyond Good And Evil (Original Mix) is pretty cool, but Ground Loop’s remix of Enchanting Pyscho takes the cake. Will test coming sunday!

  11. Miss Sunshine and GL remixes for my sets !

    Advanced Human
  12. Enchanting Psycho is the one !

    DJ Hi-Shock
  13. Both remixes will probably suit me best, though I dig the original of Beyond Good And Evil as well.

    Mattias Fridell
  14. Ground Loop remix the best for me,really good sound, marching techno,thx

  15. Nice EP, My fav Enchanting Psycho (Original Mix) & Ground Loop Remix

    Positive Merge
  16. Very good originals and massive remixes! will play really
    soon! thx

    Stefano Infusino
  17. Great EP! Supporting.

    Lance Blaise / Monix
  18. Nice EP from an artist i wasn’t previously aware of.

    Chris Page
  19. thanks x

    Miss Sunshine
  20. Ground Loop Remix for me!

    Patrick Krieger
  21. Enchanting Psycho is sick. Supp!

  22. beyond good and evil is an interesting track, i’ll test it out

    Audio Injection