01. Pjotr G – Grit (Original Mix)

02. Pjotr G – Grit (Rraph Remix)

03. Pjotr G – Fraktal (Original Mix)

04. Pjotr G – Hail (Original Mix)




22 Comments to “Pjotr G – Grit EP”

  1. Massive release.. my favs are Grit (Rraph remix) and Hail! will play for sure! thx

    Stefano Infusino
  2. nice tunes – will try out thanks guys

  3. excellent tracks, the originals and rraph remix very good!

  4. The whole ep is rocking, but Grit original is best for me.

  5. Good stuff! Fraktal for me

    Ground Loop
  6. Original of Grit sounds like it will work as a decent mix
    tool thanks

    Paul Mac
  7. Hail sounds great to me

    Len Faki
  8. hail is the one for me, thanks for it.

  9. Grit and Hail… Solid release. Thanks

    Adriana Lopez
  10. Its not rain, its Hail.

    Vince Watson
  11. nice groove!! i like Grit (Original Mix) and Fraktal

    Takashi Watanabe
  12. Great EP and a heavy remix from Rraph, but my fav is Hail.

    Advanced Human
  13. Great EP – really like the originals. Solid production on them!! Grit is my fav! will def play these over the weekend.

  14. downloaded for r hawtin

    Richie Hawtin
  15. Grit original & rraph remix for me, will play sure.

    Unam Zetineb
  16. I played Grit for like 6 months by now, it’s a killer track.

    Mattias Fridell
  17. Solid EP, my favorite is hall, but real solid all around, thanks!

    Ricardo Garduno
  18. Grit (Original Mix) is pretty good! Definitly gonna play it.

    Spark Taberner
  19. Digging the original Grit here. Heavy!

    Measure Divide
  20. Been blasting ‘Grit’ in my sets and liveset for 6 months now, and it never ceases to amaze. Sureshot ont he floor, especially when used as bass tool. Rraph’s remix is kickass too! Fraktal and Hail are badass tracks too. Splendid work by the G-man! Play for sho!

  21. Rraph remix and “Hail” are the ones for me…like the weird sound of hail, exciting.

    Patrick Krieger
  22. Solid stuff. Nice tough remix from Rraph. Spooky ‘Hail’ is nice too.

    Inigo Kennedy