01. V1NZ – Jack’s Broken Mind
02. V1NZ – Egofanatical Diagnosis
03. V1NZ – On The Outskirts (Octave Remix)
04. V1NZ – On The Outskirts



Ataxia EP presents some cutting edge dark minimal techno with deep and eerie vibes. Eclectic release with sounds deeply IDM influenced, as well as sub fueled peak hour material suitable for the dancefloor.

Intricate proper techno from the mind, for the body, and fueled with soul.

Jack's Broken Mind
A hypnotic sound palette was used designing the framework for this cut. Fueled with effects and high end sizzle this one packs the punch for the dancefloor and is inhabited with some real deep vibes. The track rolls on exposing some serious mood fueled techno, backed by a fluid bassline and nicely paired kick.

Egofanatical Diagnosis
Complex and tight percussive syncopation forms the spine of this deep minimalistic cut. Several high intensisty mood fueled synths are layered with harmonic piano parts; keen to set the stage with other elements including some eerie vocals and bits of crowd noise sprinkled about the top. A bit of influence from both minimalism as well as IDM are present here. High quality production, sure to rock the dancefloor.

On The Outskirts (Octave Remix)
Octave brings his signature style to the table bringing a deep, and shining remix rich with all of the elements this French producer is known for. Big builds, deep sub bass, and intricately sharp percussion cut through the darkness present in the original mix. This one is sure to bring out the dancers with its rolling bass and harmonic richness.

On The Outskirts
Proper percussive vibes and eerie strings on this one. Peak hour minamilism with rolling bass and one seriously well defined kick drum punching through. Heavy yet slow, this track is a good tool for that part of the night where everyone is jumping. Trademark deep dark minamilistiq techno full of emotion and modulated strings and other goodies. Nice one!



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  1. I love “OutSkirts’ to start a dj set :)

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