01. Alkan – Medusa
02. Elias JR – Solo (Takashi Watanabe remix)
03. 3 Deep – Shadow Dance
04. Sam Paganini – Circular
05. Virgil Enzinger – Sub Voice
06. Pascal Mollin – Hey (Wave System remix)
07. V1NZ – Corners In Time
08. Zair – Enigmas (Dich remix)
09. Stereo Underground – Pop
10. Wave System – That’s Right



As 2009 comes to its finale the first chapter has been written. A collection of tracks which have been released this past year alongside Android Muziq's birth.

Collective textures of percussive pleasure dance with the DEEP DARK and futuristic layers of intrinicate synth patches. Really cutting edge use of effects in all these cuts from reverberated madness to polyrhythmic delay mayhem!

"Corners In Time", "Subvoice", "Circular", "That's Right" and "Solo" offer up some really twisted melodic parts all while maintaining a deep dark four to the floor kick assault to hit the dancefloor hard! Elements present in these cuts giving big nod to Steve Stoll flavoured proper techno idealogy towards minimalism.

Meanwhile "Medusa", "Shadow Dance", "Hey", "Enigmas", "Pop" slow things down a tad whilst maintaining a seriously detailted synth arrangement and crisp, top quality production. Brilliant textures present in these cuts.

Proper percussion and spaced out minimalistic melodies. These are treats for the ear on the dancefloor and beyond. Music for the mind and body. Art.

reviewed by V1NZ



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