Producer since 1990 – Live-Act since 1990 – DJ since 1992
Mijk van Dijk lives and works in Berlin/ Germany.

Never mind the past – here’s Mijk van Dijk at last!
After some years of silence and only occasional releases, now since summer 2006 Mijk van Dijk is paving his way back into the second term of his career. His releases on labels such as International DeeJay Gigolo Recordings, Big & Dirty, Kling Klong and BluFin are again landmarks in electronic music and yet breathe the spirit of his best works in the 90s.
Mijk created new alter egos like “Plato”, whose “Bass erstaunt-EP” won fans worldwide. The new Plato “Wanderlust-EP” has just been released on Big & Dirty Records.
This autumn, Mijk will release a string of new releases on labels such as International DeeJay Gigolo Recordings, Frisbee, BluFin and Gastspiel.

Some stories from the attic
Back in the days, Mijk van Dijk recorded some of the first techno records out of Berlin and helped to pave the way for our music as a journalist, producer and DJ from Day One. He has been producing some of the hardest and fastest techno tunes ever with DJ Tanith and on his own with his project „LoopZone“. He has been a pioneer for a new sound called „Trance“ back in 1992 when he worked with Cosmic Baby on the probably first Trance/ Chillout-Compilation ever: „Tranceformed From Beyond“ on MFS-Records. In those days he wrote tunes like Marmion’s „Schoeneberg“ and Microglobe’s „High On Hope“, „Environ-mentality“ and „All Our Colours“, that became classics of Techno. In the lyrics of his first artist album „Afreuropamericasiaustralica“ he focussed focussing on issues like preservation of the environment, global warming, frictions between cultural groups and religions, well, basically all the issues, we are talking about right now.As one of the main artists of legendary record label Superstition he also wrote the final chapter of this Hamburg based imprint by mixing the bastard techno mix CD „Decade“, the final Superstition release in 2003.

Not only on his album „Teamwork“: Mijk always liked to co-produce with other artists as diverse as DJ Hell, Claude Young, Tanith, Takkyu Ishino, Thomas Schuhmacher, DJ Rok, Toby Izui, Namito, Rob Acid, Tom Wax, Asem Shama and Martin Eyerer. His Marmion-classic „Schoeneberg“ was produced together with Marcos Lopez.
Again Mijk is working with DJ Hell on music productions (like Phobia – Hell-Remix) and mix compilations (like “Misch Masch”) which were favourites with DJ s and critics and has become a vital part of the Gigolo Records family. Their latest collaboration is “The Disaster”, Hell’s teaser 12″ for his new upcoming album “Teufelswerk”, soon to be out on International DeeJay Gigolo Recordings.
Apart from his own productions there’s the string of great remixes that Mijk did for artists like Moby, Denki Groove, GTO, Frankie Bones, Humate, Emmanuel Top, Arpeggiators, Sonic Animation, to name but a few.

In the club
Mijk just loves to DJ and you can see and feel that. Having played so many gigs in Europe , Australia and Asia, especially Japan, he is still hungry for a good party and a great crowd on the dancefloor. His music collects all his knowledge of electronic music from Day One and transforms it into a fierce of mix of Techno, Electro, House and Minimal Trance.