ABOUT Bruno Ledesma

Bruno is a young man born on June 16, 1991. He began producing his own tracks from an early age, influenced by styles like Techno and Minimal. He income slowly into the underground scene of the city (Neuquen Capital, ARG), playing at small private parties, also in clubs, bars and radio stations.

His music (tracks and live set) are characterized by combining strange textures and atmospheres, usually on a strong and heavy bass line, managing to generate an experimental environment, hypnotic and intense but fun at the same time.

Nowdays continues playing at local events, being a resident at Bing Bang Groove with Axel Apolonio (where he shared the stage with artists such as: Alex Bau, Splatter, Mekas, Diego Cid, Jorge Ciccioli, Udolph and Mariano DC), also working on his first session of live-act and also producing for his own label Concepto Hipnotico and other international labels as Frakture Audio, Nulabel, Wall Music, and more.