ABOUT Claudio Masso

Labels: Hypnotic Room, Gynoid Audio

Claudio Masso was born in Tortona on 20th september 1986 and soon developed a natural taste for sounds and music. During his childhood, he used to spend many hours recording radio shows. When he was 5, he received a pianola from his parents and he began to reproduce some elementary pieces of music.

Thanks to his German cousin, he began to appreciate house music that he listened to for hours. As electronic music became more and more important in Claudio’s life; his experiences in clubs where he “studied” other’s DJ’s work, assured him that his future goals are in the music scene. Claudio got fascinated by electro, minimal, acid but especially Detroit techno and pure, melodic progressive house sounds.

In July 2008 he started own production with Ableton and is constantly learning Live tricks for his unique DJ sets that have already earned him guest gigs in Stuttgart, Wiesbaden and Frankfurt. Claudio also runs a regular show on local radio (Radio PNR) every wednesday from 21pm to 22.30pm (CET).