01. Bas Mooy – Krull (Original Mix)

02. Bas Mooy – Krull (Audio Injection Remix)

03. Bas Mooy – Krull (Gayle San & DJ Hi-Shock Remix)

04. Bas Mooy – Krull (Ortin Cam Remix)



The moment the needle drops on Bas Mooy's 'Krull', you know you're up for something special: one of those classic tracks that signpost a style; a timeless number that seizes the flavour of the here and now and elevates it somewhere ethereally higher - in this case booty-swinging, infectiously swinging, grinding, building, unhomogenized techno.

In his remix Audio Injection minimalizes the assault and it's reinvented as a soaring Detroit acid grumbler.

Then Gayle San & DJ Hi-Shock propel themselves right into the darker depths of the original version and reboot all the right parts to make it a flanged, spacey, at times relentless sci-fi tech stomper.

Finally Ortin Cam reconfigures 'Krull' as slick, motorized electronic dancefloor mayhem remiscent of some of the Sativae outings in the early '90s by Neil Landstrumm and Tobias Schmidt.

Limited first press released on solid white colored vinyl. Already played & supported by Luke Slater, Drumcell, Sven Wittekind, Chris Liebing, Tommy Four Seven, Dave The Drummer, Space Djz, Spiros Kaloumenos, Sasha Carassi, Axel Karakasis, Tom Hades, Audio Injection, Go Hiyama.



44 Comments to “Darknet 03”

  1. track 1: great straight real techno that reminds me at good old times!

    jan hovind
  2. Top Release

  3. Great harder tracks. Will definitely play the Audio Injection rmx and try out the other as well.

    Nihad Tule (Drumcode)
  4. This release knows the next step in Techno. Bas’s original is amazing!

    Go Hiyama
  5. Awesome E.P. I cant pick a favourite from the original to the remixes!! 5/5

    Darren Broomhead
  6. original and audio injection remix are my stand outs.

  7. Can’t chose between the slow daunting groove of the original mix or the deep submarine vibe of the audio injection remix. Both are f*cking nice tracks!

    Rachid Prins
  8. shii what more can i say,. the original Krull is doin’ it for me,but the remixes of Gayle San / dj Hi-Shock and Ortin Cam are some fine pieces as well.

    mr. jones
  9. What a banger, i will play this for sure!! this what makes the crowd goes crazy.

  10. Great EP, love original and Audio Injection remix.

    Paul Boex
  11. huge release!

    Audio Injection
  12. no messing there. prefer original

    Luke Slater
  13. Very strong release !!

    Tom Hades
  14. original and AI remix for me!

  15. very nice ep. i will play gayle san & hi-shock remix and ortin cam remix

    Torsten Kanzler
  16. Great release, Audio Injection remix is a bomb!!!

    Axel Karakasis
  17. Very Good!

    Sasha Carassi
  18. Great release, with the pick of the crop being Bas’ original mix and the Ortin Cam remix; Audio Injection, Gayle San & DJ Hi-Shock also rock it.

    Andrez Bergen / Little Nobody
  19. wanna play Ortin Cam Remix and Gayle San & DJ Hi-Shock
    Remix !!

    DJ Warp
  20. Wow awesome and POWERFULL EP !!!!!! All tracks for me ! :)

  21. Original for me, great!

    Spark Taberner
  22. amazing piece of plastic! really good work! all tracks are usefull 10/10

  23. Bas’ original track and the Audio Injection works best for me, nice stuff.

    Mattias Fridell
  24. B I G

  25. Big Package !! Original & remix are great.

    marco asoleda
  26. Great release.. Audio injection remix is fantastic :)

  27. Very cool release, great original and awesome remixes to
    cover all things in techno. It was extremely hard to choose the fav one but i think the original is the closest to my heart :) Full support. thanks

    Dr Hoffmann
  28. Love all tracks, its very difficult to choose just one,
    because each of them are totally different, a rebuild concept, but always keeping the dark touch.. definitly my stuff!

    daniela haverbeck
  29. full suport for Audio Injection remix!

  30. Awesome release!! Excellent original and 3 very good remixes!!

  31. Love all very big release, play for sure!!

  32. Krull ( original ) is the bomb !!

    Spiros Kaloumenos
  33. all mixes work here .. play and support for sure !

    Space Djz
  34. strong package. new bas mooy style. full support.

    Ryuji Takeuchi
  35. bas moy rocks

    xavier morel
  36. Hard to choose the favourite track because all are fantastic. The whole EP is huge.

  37. AJ’s deep re-working for me :)

    Ben Mill
  38. Very cool release, fav is Audio Injection remix

    Jason Fernandes
  39. Like the DJ Hi-Shock Gayle San mix most! good work Simon.

    Dave The Drummer
  40. Tasty selection, esp the original and AJ’s mix. I’ll test this weekend. A great film too.

    Tommy Four Seven
  41. Downloading, thanks. Favourite track: Bas Mooy – Krull (Original Mix) 4/5

    Chris Liebing
  42. Good Package! Like all Tracks, but fav is the Gayle San & DJ Hi-Shock Mix.

    Sven Wittekind
  43. Superb stuff. LOVE Krull.

  44. Impossible to lost! all tracks are awesome 5\5

    Dj Danko