01. Monocraft – Defense System (feat. Gracie)

02. GabeeN & Tosi – Machine City (feat. Gracie)

03. A-Brothers – Diabolus (feat. Gracie)

04. Gymmy J & Daniele Crocenzi – Yin Yang (feat. Gracie)




21 Comments to “Darknet 05”

  1. very nice release, I like the all tracks

  2. very nice release

    Torsten Kanzler
  3. My god, all tracks are really nice! A-Brothers and Gymmy J & Daniele Crocenzi are my favorites!

    Spark Taberner
  4. A-Brothers – Diabolus (feat. Gracie) is ma fav it’s
    BRUTAL !!!

    Mikael Pfeiffer
  5. nice release. A-brothers will get a going over.

    Luke Slater
  6. will give the A-broters mix a spin.. Good ep overall.

  7. My friends did a really great job on this EP, I’m glad to be part of this release.

  8. Great ep, love almost all tracks, but Gabeen and Tosi are the winners

  9. A-Brothers – Diabolus (feat. Gracie) and Monocraft – Defense System (feat. Gracie) are the one for me. support.

    Ryuji Takeuchi
  10. Yin Yang is geil

    Torsten Kanzler
  11. gabeen & tosi mix for me, thx

    Mike Ban
  12. i love this release. we’re happy to be a part of it!!

  13. full support on all tracks, insane EP

    Rene Walther
  14. Great, like the Gracie vocals ! Will play Gabeen and Gymmy J !!

    Sven Wittekind
  15. huge techno ep, support !

    DJ Hi-Shock
  16. sounds deep and dark – liking thanx

  17. Defense System is a killer! will test it out for sure!

    Claudio Masso
  18. Anyone remember the first Arpeggiators EPs on Harthouse in the early 90s? Gracie reminds me so much at Maike from the Arpeggiators and reminds me once again how well hard techno and tender reverbed female voices go together. BIG tunes for the hard floor.

    Mijk van Dijk
  19. The Monocraft one is wicked!

    Mattias Fridell
  20. great release. all tracks are proper! The Gabeen and Tosi track top it, good work Darknet / Elektrax

    George Lanham
  21. Powerful release. All Tracks are super and will find places in my gigs.