01. Michael Kruck – Forward (Original Mix)

02. Michael Kruck – Forward (Mike Ban & Dietmar Wohl Remix)

03. Michael Kruck – Go! (Original Mix)

04. Michael Kruck – Go! (Tex-Rec Hard Drop Rework)




17 Comments to “Michael Kruck – Go! Forward EP”

  1. Tex-Rec Rework is the one for me!

    DJ Shiva
  2. I really like Go! and Tex-Rec’s hard drop rework. Thanks.

    Spark Taberner
  3. great dark techno ep. mike ban & dietmar wohl remix stands out for me. support.

    Ryuji Takeuchi
  4. Great atmospheric night time techno… will definitely be playing this.

    Andrew Till
  5. Nice tunes… Love the Tex-Rec Rework !

    Michael Schwarz
  6. great EP!!

    Mike Ban
  7. Big thanks to the remixers for making this release so great!

    Michael Kruck
  8. Go! (Tex-Rec Hard Drop Rework) for me!! goooood EP !!

    DJ Warp
  9. good stuff.

    Patrick DSP
  10. sick tracks always from Darknet ! :D

    Rene Walther
  11. Go! (Original Mix) is bangin!

    Claudio Masso
  12. Something fierce, fiery and solid in this release. No wonder it joins the Darknet/Elektrax Family. Great work !

    Daz Furey
  13. Full Supports, tx !

    Morgan Tomas
  14. Like this release.

  15. Go! tex-rec rework is my fav

    Shin Nishimura
  16. Forward original for me…will play !

    Dead Sound
  17. The amount of phat is immense! “Go!” is the best one !

    Scouts In Bondage