01. Static Sense – B3rlin (Original Mix)

02. Static Sense – B3rlin (DJ Hi-Shock Remix)

03. Static Sense – Nazgul (Original Mix)

04. Static Sense – Nazgul (ZRK Remix)




16 Comments to “Static Sense – B3rlin EP”

  1. downloading.thanks. Check Behind The Iron Curtain for Support!

  2. Ha! I wish that sound could be heard and played in B3rlin apart from Berghain and Tresor. Hi-Shock takes it all home with his mix, full support. Also liking the ZRK Remix, these two will be stables in my forthcoming Techno sets, thanks!

    Mijk van Dijk
  3. All tracks are ace

    Scouts In Bondage
  4. i like “DJ Hi-Shock Remix” and “ZRK Remix” nice EP !!

    DJ Warp
  5. nice EP – will spin thanx

    Slam (Soma / Drumcode)
  6. Playing these!

    Subfractal/Measure Divide
  7. nice bangin stuff, hi-shocks remix is my pick.

    Audio Injection
  8. Very solid release, will def play them! thanks!

    Ricardo Garduno
  9. B3rlin (DJ Hi-Shock Remix) is awesome! great work!

    Static Sense
  10. nasty! brilliant release, great work

    George Lanham
  11. Great release, B3rlin (DJ Hi-Shock Remix) is my fav.

  12. will test “B3rlin (DJ Hi-Shock Remix)”

    Mike Ban
  13. Great release !!

    Spiros Kaloumenos
  14. DJ Hi-Shock remix is bombbb :D !

    Rene Walther
  15. Static Sense – B3rlin (DJ Hi-Shock Remix) and Static Sense – Nazgul (Original Mix) work for me. support.

    Ryuji Takeuchi
  16. Happy to be part of this ! Thanks a lot