ABOUT Darmec

From keyboards to drums, and finally to decks, music has always been a big part of his life. Through producing and DJing, he has found the perfect way to channel his love for music.

Just a few years after discovering techno, Stuart decided to start producing his own tracks in late 2011, and it didn’t take long for him to get hooked. Inspired by the driving, powerful, bass-orientated dance-floor destroying tracks of his favorite producers, he always looks to produce an atmosphere and energy that will get you in the mood.

To begin producing at the age of 26, you could say Stuart was a late starter – but he is well on his way to making up for lost time. Going from strength to strength, he is now releasing on a number of well-respected labels – including Elektrax, Audio Elite Records, Naughty Pills and Darker Sounds.

As well as relative success with individual tracks such as ‘Human Strobe’ and ‘Dynamic’, he has also proved his hand as a remixer, winning remix competitions for Darker Sounds and Resorted. His rising remix of ‘Crack is Whack’ by Hefty in particular went down a storm, supported by the likes of Hackler & Kuch and Patrick DSP. Additionally, his remix of ‘Gaps’ by R. Cooper and ‘Bretterling’ by Matt Mus proved highly popular in the Beatport charts.

Other notable achievements so far include the EP ‘Levitation’ released on Naughty Pills Records reaching number 3 in the Beatport Releases chart, and also the somewhat unexpected news that Martin Gore of Depeche Mode had been playing his track ‘Fashion’ in his warm-up DJ set on their Delta Machine Tour 2013/2014 to packed out stadiums around the world.

Now joining the DJ circuit and relishing the opportunity to play his tunes to a live audience, he aims to be pleasing techno-hungry crowds in the UK and across Europe on a regular basis. Enthused by the success of recent gigs in London, Vilnius and Stuttgart, expect to see many more upcoming live gigs of a similar standard.

He also has his own monthly podcast on FNoob Radio, named ‘Telemorphia’. Expect only bigger and better things to come from Darmec in the future as both a producer and DJ.