ABOUT D.A.V.E. The Drummer

Aliases: Henry Cullen

D.A.V.E. the Drummer has become a name that is now synonymous with techno all over the world. A long standing member of the infamous London based free party crew ‘The Stay Up Forever Collective’, run by the Liberator DJs, and a regular recording artist on many of the collectives’ labels, he has proved to be very important influence on the global techno scene over the last ten years

Djing and playing live using the latest technology he has taken his unique sound to many different countries, becoming almost a resident of South America.

Countries such as: South Africa, Brazil, Japan, Australia, U.S.A., France, Belgium, Spain have all enjoyed D.A.V.E’s exhilarating live shows and seriously funky DJ sets. He has played every possible size of venue from small clubs to large outdoor events and has always rocked the crowd with his sense for the right tune at the right time, and original DJ technique.

Presently, he runs record labels ‘Apex’ and ‘Hydraulix’. The Hydraulix imprint has gone one to achieve much critical acclaim for many of the releases with outstanding attention being received for Hydraulix number 09, a tune that still sounds fresh today and still gets played all over the world.

D.A.V.E has continued to look for fresh ideas and take chances with his labels releases to try to push the sound of techno forward into the future.