Label: Hypnotic Room

DJ WADA was born and raised in Tokyo, he used to play the guitar in a band at his teenager. Around 80’s, he started working as a DJ at disco in Roppongi, Tokyo. Since then he has played and organized many parties to get involved and built Japan’s sphere of club music.

In 1994, DJ WADA & DJ YAMA launched Tokyo’s first techno party “Sublime” at legendary club “Maniac Love” on every Saturday.

He is known as one of the top techno DJ/ Producer in Japan. WADA has over 30 years of DJ career, ever since these days, he has been continuing to explore his original world and express his state-of-music.

On the producer side, DJ WADA formed “Co-Fusion” and “Atom” with Heigo Tani, and they have released 4 albums and over 20 titles of EP on their home label “Reel Musiq (Japan)”.

Throughout Co-Fusion’s achievement, DJ WADA has been truly appreciated. His talents and DJ style has grown as a subtle and unparalleled.