ABOUT Electric Envoy / Basic Implant

In 1995 Sven met Alex Bau (his Toneman partner) with whom he collaborated to release an ep on Chris Liebing’s ‘Touchtone’ label that would be out in 1997 and be the beginning of a set of releases on renowned labels as Touchtone, Fine Audio, Shokoy, Dave Angel’s rotation, Pascal Feos’s PV-Records and Chris Liebing’s Clau, not to mention ascend recordings of course.

As a live performing artist, Sven became quite talented and daring, so that his live acts have become an essential part of his musical existence. His performance at the world famous “omen” in 1998 was a milestone in Sven’s career: “playing there, means you are part of it!” Since 2000 Sven and Alex now run ‘toneman’, their own outlet. “We spend more and more time in the studio together and we finally had the wish to establish our own label while releasing for other labels. ‘Toneman’ has enabled them to form their musical identity, and it is also a quality trademark in the techno scene.

Sven and Marco’s main attitude is probably perfectionism. There is no limit when it comes to improvement of sound or Live appearances. Although he learned to evaluate exactly, if the track maybe gets to complicated for the floor, he never stops trying to make his productions interesting and changing.

As mentioned, Sven and Marco have released EP’s for Fine Audio, Parasound, Energy Industries, Rotation (Dave Angel’s), Toneman (his own), CLR (Chris Liebing’s), PV-Records (Pascal Feos), Predicaments (Justin Berkovi’s) and Ascend Recordings as well as for many more labels.