01. Underground (New Network Mix)
02. Tokyo Swing (Back on Goa Mix)
03. Dreams Ov Shiva (Full Moon Mix)



Elektrax Recordings is proud to present Psi Room, a new project for the labels darker techno and tekk-trance releases.

The "Psy Tekk vol.1" debut 3-track EP offers a crossover of driving, hard techno with a touch of classic Goa trance elements.

The EP starts off with “Underground – New Network Mix” where the listener will experience layers of deep, hypnotizing grooves and dark, psychedelic atmospheres.

“Tokyo Swing – Back on Goa Mix” presents a strong dancefloor rhythm with a swinging Goa trance styled bassline and funky electro synth lines.

The last track “Dreams Ov Shiva – Full Moon Mix”, originally produced in the late 90’s is a true psy-Goa classic full of tribal beats and ethnic energy.



4 Comments to “Psi Room: Psy Tekk vol.1”

  1. Another solid release from the excellent Sydney label, and this one’s already being played by DJ mates of mine at outdoor parties here in Japan, as the warmer weather kicks in. “Underground” is a driving tech track that’s a guaranteed floor-filler at indoor clubs as much as on the slopes of Nagano, and “Tokyo Swing” lives up to its title. It swings. Hard. And gloriously. More please!

    Andrez Bergen
  2. Nice dance floor filler. Underground New Network mix is something I would definitely play this in the club

  3. Love this goa sound in 1. Underground (New Network Mix)

  4. psy goa trance influence, very trippy and danceable rhythm, good work, I will include this for charts

    Gene DJ