01. Blinkless
02. Blinkless (Topo & LMK Remix)
03. Blinkless (Instrumental Mix)



One of the coolest new progressive projects from Europe is Hypnotic Hour who present us with their debut release on Elektrax Recordings - Blinkless EP.

The Romanian duo of DJ Topo and Emil Oprea, introduce us to their rich and energetic sounds of Hard Trance with noticeable influences of tribal techno and powerful Goa trance!



8 Comments to “Hypnotic Hour: Blinkless EP”

  1. I’ve been listening to “Blinkless” and love these things about it: great build up intro, love the eastern melody and haunting vocals in the first verse, amazing dreamy breakdown (string synths?) and rythmic phrases that parallel the whole composition, they almost sound like a water drums leading to the outro.

    Frederick Deio
  2. Really nice remix. I like a lot the vocals the percussions and of course the arrangement.

  3. The first track here – the original mix of “Blinkless” – is classic trance, with an ethereal quality and some gorgeous acid coming in later in the track. But the standout for me is the Topo & LMK remix, which goes more relentless tech-style. Wonderful.

    Andrez Bergen
  4. Very solid and progressive tracks with a nice touch of Goa Trance

    DJ Hi-Shock
  5. Driving Progressive and Psy Trance release with a feel reminiscent of early Juno Reactor or Astral Projection.

    Dale Baldwin
  6. Massive trance release, great production!

    Deep Night
  7. wow this track has the perfect desert twist

    Brandon Jay
  8. I can imagine this echoing through a large valley in the middle of the night; it’s made for playing outdoors!

    DJ Mark Dynamix