01. Dark Funk Remix by Psi Room
02. Future Remix by Secret Surfer
03. Club Remix by Hakker
04. Schlock Tactile Remix
05. Deepest Remix by Alice Yung
06. Little Nobody Remix



The legendary rave epic, "Suburbia", hugely successful on the warehouse circuit and originally released on "Nagano Trax vol 1", has received an upgrade.

Think new, slamming techno mixes from Hakker, Secret Surfer, and Alice Yung, along with a banging psy-tekk version put together by Psi Room.

Also tune in to a dash of pounding electronica provided by Little Nobody, and round it all off with a twisted electro-acid house take by Schlock Tactile.



6 Comments to “DJ Hi-Shock: Suburbia – Remixes”

  1. Thanks for the promo. Liking all of them. Psi Room remix will fit well into my sets.

    DJ Elle
  2. nice work. my favourite is the hakker remix, will play. thanx!

    Ginza Spy
  3. I really dig Shlock Tactile’s and Little Nobody’s remix, they both sound ‘dirtied’ up, makes them sound tougher and even that Little Nobody has dropped the bpm is a bonus I think, as it would sound just as good sped up, but thats just personal taste.

    Ben Mill
  4. What a pounding, demanding, absolutely wunderbar tech/electro selection!!

    Ein Kleiner Schelm
  5. Brilliant set of remixes, there is some good proper techno in here!

    Deep Night
  6. Timely set of remixes of one of the most storming (and enduring) warehouse party techno tracks that I can remember – made even darker, heavier and crunchier in the first mix by Psi Room. Secret Surfer’s mix has a more old school acid house flavour, while Hakker slams the techno, and the other mixers splice the tangents.

    Andrez Bergen